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Philips Narrow Band 311 nm UVB Lamp with LCD Timer for Vitiligo.
NOTE: UVB Goggles are not included, they need to be ordered separately.Read more

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Phototherapy with UVB is now considered an effective long-term remedy for disorders like Vitiligo (Psoriasis and Eczema too).

Additional topical or oral medicines are not required for the efficiency of UVB radiation.

The diseases amenable to phototherapy with UVB are however chronic and continuous but ultralight phototherapy may be needed to maintain remissions.

For this treatment you simply expose yourself to Narrow Band 911 Nm UVB rays for a relatively short time on a periodic basis either daily in some cases or 2-7 times a week as prescribed by your doctor.
Benefits are usually perceptible in 2-3 weeks.

Narrow Band 311 Nm UVB phototherapy has consistently achieved over 90% repigmentation within a year for most patients.

For an effective cure, start with very short exposure periods of 30 seconds maximum per area per day during up to 7 days (as prescribed by your doctor), then, according to the results, keep or increase gradually the exposure time up to 60 seconds maximum per area per day: goal is to find the minimum daily exposure time needed to solve the skin disease.
As already stressed: treatment by short exposures on a regular basis give the best results.

The treatment should never exceed 2 weeks uninterrupted, then stop during 1 week and start again this cycle.
Treat only the areas impacted by Vitiligo.

Exposure area: 48cm²

Treatment plan

The Kernel KN4003BL UVB 311nm phototherapy lamp comes with a clear manual. The indicated therapy examples in the manual are guidelines. You should work with your doctor to work out an individual treatment. Your doctor will draw up a treatment plan taking into account the factors that may affect therapy (eg skin type, the spot irradiation, etc.). NEVER start self treatment with UV light without having previously consulted with your doctor. Incorrect use can cause severe and permanent damage to your body.


Features of the UVB light therapy lamp: Lightweight and easy to handle High intensity radiation for better results Timer function, so that the exposure time is not too long and which can be recalled for the next time Philips lamp 9W 311 nm (narrow spectrum, ideal for treatment of vitiligo) Detachable crest, with which the optimal distance from the skin can be determined Very short exposure time Certification: CE 0434 Class 2A Warranty on conversion: one year, on the lamp 500 hours


NOTE: UVB Goggles are not included, they need to be ordered separately.


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